Who defines what is “true”?

I heard someone (one of those judgy types that would rather bitch, than contribute) define a rescue org as a “True Rescue” – and it got me thinking.  1. who are you do decide what is “true” and 2. can anything be defined as “true”.

Can one decide what a “true” rescuer is – is it someone who pulls the dog off the street, or is the vet who saves their life (or does much needed care), or is it the people who provide home and shelter and show the dog the first bit of love they may ever know, or is the group that sponsors and works to find them their place in life, or is it the family that promises to love them forever?  Is it something that can be defined?  Is it something that needs to be defined?  To me, any of these volunteer roles are rescuers – does the capacity of their role matter?

How ridiculous would it be, if we defined all things as “true” or not.  What is a true doctor?  A true mother?  A true educator?  A true blonde?  A true cat?  A true apple?  (Sounds stupid, doesn’t it – but is there a difference?)

To each their own, I guess.  If people want to hold everything to that standard, so be it:  Life will be spent critiquing anything that doesn’t hold your standard of “true”.  Or, you can live in the moment and appreciate anyone that is doing SOMETHING to help – is doing something to help.  Does every action have to be the ultimate action, or can we take pleasure in the little bonus’ handed out by mere mortals who dare to contribute in ways big or small?

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